One question we often get from our customers is why our new and used vehicles are sold with nitrogen-filled tires.

The answer lies in maintaining optimal tire pressure.

Optimal tire pressure provides advantages including increased fuel efficiency, longer tire life and improved safety. Optimal tire pressure can be maintained by consistently checking your tire pressure monthly and filling up your tires per manufacturer's specs.

Alternatively, you can have your tires filled with nitrogen - which is our answer.

Nitrogen tires have been widely used in several industries including airline, military, food and even Nascar. If Nitrogen is what's used on the Speedways of North America, there is no question we'll be on board too!

Benefits of using nitrogen to fill tires include:

Predictable Pressure Fluctuation

Ambient air is made up of 21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen and water. When ambient air is used to fill your tires, the pressure changes about 1psi for every 10 degree temperature change. This is because oxygen's molecules are small enough to permeate through tire rubber and water turns to liquid when temperatures cool or evaporates when temperature is warmer. Nitrogen contains no water and its molecules are too large to permeate rubber.


Increased Safety

Tires that are under-inflated are 90% more likely to blowout. By maintaining optimal tire pressure with nitrogen, you reduce the likelihood of tire blowout and thus, improve safety. Properly inflated tires also ensure that the recommended "contact patch" is on the road which improves your vehicle's handling ability.


Increased Fuel Efficiency

Properly inflated tires keep the recommended "contact patch" on the road longer and thus, reduce rolling resistance - this in turn results in better fuel economy. Studies show that tires that have optimal tire pressure can improve gas mileage by nearly 3.3 percent. Again, while you can use regular air to obtain optimal tire pressure, by using nitrogen to fill tires, you know you will have optimal tire pressure longer and you do not have to worry about degradation of rubber due to oxidation which will result in lesser fuel efficiency.

Longer Tire Life

Oxygen causes oxidation and breakdown of tire rubber; nitrogen does not. In addition, With nitrogen maintaining more consistent pressure than regular air, your tires won't wear as fast.

Eliminated Potential for Rim Rust

By removing water from your tires, you eliminate the potential for condensation which can lead to rust on tire rims.

At Country Chrysler, we fill the tires of our new and pre-owned vehicles with nitrogen. If you buy tires from us, we will give you a complimentary nitrogen fill and complimentary top ups if needed for the life of the tire.

Good to know: if your tire is low and you can't get in to see us for a touch up, you can use regular air without a problem and get nitrogen the next time you are in.

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