If you feel like your vehicle tends to veer off to one side or another, briefly take your hands off the wheel to see if, in fact your vehicle heads left or right instead of continuing in a straight direction. If your vehicle is veering to one side or the other, this is known as pulling.

Pulling is usually caused by some form of damage or bent parts under the vehicle. This could be from an accident, hitting a curb or driving over something. This can often cause uneven wear on your tires over time. Often by simply rotating the tires, the pulling issue will be resolved. Uneven wear on the tires can also result in poor alignment causing pulling, so a wheel alignment could be in order as well.

Pulling may not always be solved by rotating the tires or a wheel alignment. There could be other issues causing this that need to be considered.

Loose steering components could also be the cause of the pull, which would be a much bigger problem. If any steering components were to break while driving, this could cause you to lose control of your vehicle completely.

If your steering feels 'loose' and/or you are experiencing a pull, book in for an inspection today. Our Technicians will inspect your vehicle and complete any service required to have you on your way quickly and safely, with peace of mind.


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