There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your brakes and when they should be replaced:

1. Where do you usually drive? If you are in constant stop-and-go urban commuting, then you will have significant wear on your brakes and may need to replace them sooner.

2. The specific parts for your vehicle. If your vehicle uses lighter, thinner brake pads then you may be replacing them sooner.

3. The vehicle's age. The newer your vehicle, the better the brake technology and therefore depending on some of these other factors, your brakes could last longer.

Some vehicles today have built in sensors that tell you when your brakes require an inspection. If you don't have this feature then you must rely on other indicators. If you notice that it's taking longer to bring your vehicle to a stop and/or you notice noises when you apply the brakes, then your brake pads are likely getting thin. You should book your vehicle in for a brake inspection immediately and have any necessary brake pads replaced.

Most vehicles should have their wheels rotated about every six months as part of good regular maintenance. This is a good time to have your brakes inspected to see where they're at and to monitor when they will need to be replaced.


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