If you see the above button light up on your dashboard, it is an indication that one or all of your tires may have low pressure.  Sometimes, when this light illuminates, it could be because your sensor is not working.

If you see the tire pressure light come on, you should check the tire pressure on each tire. 

To check tire pressure, make sure your tires are cool to get an accurate reading.  You will need a tire pressure gauge to gather information - if you do not have one, take your vehicle to a gas station or service garage.  There are three types of gauges you can buy: stick, digital and dial.  Check out this article on tire pressure gauge buying to help you choose.

Follow these steps to check tire pressure:

1. Find out what the standard inflation pressure (PSI) should be for each tire.  This information will be listed in your owner's manual and should be listed inside the driver's side door.

2.  Find the valve stem on the tire.  It will be a black extension near the hub cap with a screwed on valve stem cap. 

3. Unscrew the valve stem cap.

4.  Insert the air pressure gauge into the valve stem and take the reading. 

5.  If the reading matches the recommended specifications, replace the valve stem cap and check the next tire.  If the PSI is lower than recommended, you will need to add air to the tire.

6.  To add air to a tire, you may use a bicycle pump or get air from a gas station.  Again, keep your tires cool.  If you must drive to a gas station, try to keep the distance below 2km to keep tires cool.

7.  Remove the valve stem cap and attach the air hose. 

8. Once you add air, take another tire pressure reading.  If you still need more air, repeat the process.  If you have added to much air and need to let some air out, press the center pin of the valve stem to release air (bleed air).

9.  Once you are satisfied, replace the valve stem cap.

10.  Turn on your car.  If the tire pressure light is still on, we recommend that you schedule a service to have the issue looked at.  Also, if one or more of your tires is extremely low in pressure, you will also want to schedule a service just in case you have a low tire.

If your tire pressure light is still on or your tires are losing air and you would like to schedule an appointment, please click here.

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