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Country Chrysler does not recommend buying used tires; we only recommend buying new fresh tires.

Tires expire.  Even if they are brand new and never used before, they weaken and fall apart as they age.  Depending on the manufacturer, most tires begin to significantly degrade around five years from date of manufacture.  Six years from the date of manufacture, most tires are no longer safe for use on a vehicle. 

Tires degrade because of a process called oxidation.  Oxidation means that when a tire is exposed to oxygen, the flexible components of the tire harden and become brittle.  Over time, the tire will simply fall apart under normal stress, similar to an old rubber band snapping.  Because this is a natural process, the degradation of tires will happen regardless of whether a tire is being used on a vehicle, stored in a temperature-controlled room or simply waiting on a store shelf.

Because tires are made mostly of rubber, rubber degrades with age.  Sunlight, heat, ice and general wear and tear further accelerate the breakdown of tires and lessen the expiration expectancy.  In hot climates, tire oxidation is accelerated from the climate.  Regardless of climate, once a tire begins to breakdown, it becomes more likely to fail suddenly and in the form of a tread separation - often at highway speeds. 

As a national tire buyer, we can offer you tires at extremely competitive prices. 

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Check to see if your tire is expired or recalled for free at the Tire Safety Group.

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