Why Is My Tire Pressure Light On?

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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Why Is The Tire Pressure Light On?

The Tire Pressure Light on your dashboard indicates that one or more tires may be low on pressure. Vehicle manufacturers place special sensors at each wheel. These sensors send data back to the vehicle's computer system. When there is low tire pressure, the light will illuminate, alerting you. Identifying the cause of low tire pressure helps maintain safe driving conditions. If the tire pressure light on your dashboard is on, you may be driving with a tire that has unsafe air pressure. Contact us at Country Chrysler in High River, Alberta, to find out how we can help you.

Car Maintenance

Many TPMS lights come on due to a simple lack of maintenance, such as low air tire pressure. Check all four tires and add air, if needed. Also, your TPMS light may come on when you get a flat tire, which can happen if you have significantly underinflated one or more tires. It's best to replace the tire with your spare, then have the flat fixed or replaced as soon as possible. The light may come on after rotating your tires or replacing one or more of them. If you've rotated your tires and the light stays on, recheck their pressure. If necessary, add more air to the low-pressure tires to bring them back to optimal levels. If you damaged one of the sensors during the rotation process, you might need to take the vehicle to a mechanic to have the system re-calibrated.

TPMS Light On? What It Means & What You Need to Do

The TPMS light will alert you when there's an under-inflated tire. The purpose of the system is to warn you when tire pressure becomes dangerously low. Manufacturers designed the tire pressure light to help prevent accidents. Low tire pressure can cause rolling over, loss of control, or damage to the tires. If a TPMS light comes on while driving, it is best to pull over and check your tires right away. At Country Chrysler, we provide various automotive services in High River, Alberta, including tire service. Call us immediately when you notice the illuminated tire pressure light. You can also browse our new inventory when you visit our dealership.

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