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When Should You Start Plugging Your Car in for Winter?

Even though Albertans may be built for cold temperatures, the same can't be said for our vehicles. It's important to remember to plug your vehicle in when it gets cold out. There are almost twice as many roadside assistance calls pertaining to a dead battery during the winter as there are in the summer. The Alberta Motor Association (AMA) recommends that drivers plug in their cars when temperatures reach -15ÂșC or lower. Ensure that you plug your car in for at least four hours before driving. Not only is plugging in your car better for the engine and battery, but it also helps to reduce emissions as well. If you're looking to purchase a new vehicle, you may think that you don't need to plug it in in the winter, however, that is not the case. Cold temperatures are very hard on your engine when not plugged into a block heater, whether you have a new car or an older one.

Tips For Plugging Your Car in and Preventing a Dead Battery

Remember to test your battery regularly, especially after the first three years. In Canada, batteries tend to last between three to six years before they need to get replaced. If you suspect that your battery is weak through warning signs such as the engine being slow to turn over or your headlights dimming while your vehicle is idling, then you may need to get it replaced. Here at Country Chrysler, we offer inspection and repair services to help keep your car running as it should be.

You can leave your car plugged in overnight, however, plugging it in for over four hours will not produce any additional benefits for your car but can rack up your electricity bill, so you should use a block heater timer to prevent this. If you know you won't be driving for a while, use a battery tender to make sure your car will start the next time you go to drive it.

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